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One of the key services that we provide at Garage Repair San Antonio TX is enabling a homeowner to open and close their doors with the click of a remote. This in turn is made possible by the commercial installation of an automatic mechanism that works to open or close your door automatically.

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A good part of our day is spent talking to customers and trying to understand what their needs are. We are not one of those providers that come with our mind made up as to what the problem is. We listen and learn and off course use our experience to diagnose any problem. Do you need a commercial garage door opener, let us know and we will install one for you.

Maybe what you need is not the whole system but only a remote to get your equipment operating well. Garage Repair San Antonio TX will also check all the other moving parts of your door and make sure that they work as well as they should. If not, we will let you know and can replace them on the spot.


We can also install commercial garage door rollers and help your door roll up and down the tracks smoothly. We can also fit an overhead garage door opener and give you the freedom to come and go without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Call Garage Repair San Antonio TX today.

Our number one job when we repair garage doors is safety. If you have kids running around and pets hanging out in the work area, you could seriously injure them if you do the work, but we make sure they are save.

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